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Best Gifting Ideas For Husband

He is your knight in shining armor and the man you will spend the rest of your life with. Get him a gift this year that will act as a subtle reminder of how much you enjoy every second you spend with him. Sometimes those you care about most are the hardest ones to shop for, so we decided to create a curated list of gift ideas for your husband to get the wheels spinning in the right direction.

Travel Mug on Shutterfly.com

Travel Mugs

It was on of your first dates together at a boutique cafe, where you spent hours just getting to know each other and sensing that your bond was destined for something great. The conversations you’ve shared over a cup of coffee or tea are part of the reason you’re married today. Add your wedding photo to the Photo Gallery Travel Mug so your husband is reminded of your love anywhere he goes.

Photo Plate on Shutterfly.com

Photo Plate

If food is the ticket to his heart, then you’ll want to make sure that there is a special plate for it to be served on. Whether it’s being used to dish up your family’s favorite pasta recipe or even as simple as a sandwich on a weekend afternoon, your husband will undoubtedly cherish the thought behind this gift idea. Pick out his favorite expressions and family photos to be included on the  Rustic Wood Memories Plate.

Love Makes Us Family Desktop Plaque on Shutterfly.com

Love Makes Us Family
Desktop Plaque

Since being high school sweethearts to the birth of your first child, your husband and you have built the foundation for an incredible life together. Pick out photos from past family vacations to personalize the Love Makes Us Family  Desktop Plaque. While spending many hours away from the home during the work week, he can see the bright smiles of those who love him deeply.

Colorblock Collage Flat Glass Print on Shutterfly.com

Colorblock Collage
Flat Glass Print

Each photo you have with your husband has a special memory attached to it. Trips to the ballpark, camping under the stars and summertime family barbeques are all moments you can include on the Colorblock Collage Flat Glass Print. The luminous glass has beveled edges and comes with an acrylic stand, making it perfect for the top of his nightstand, desk or favorite room in the house.

Notepad on Shutterfly.com


He is a man with a plan and knows how to get things done. Whether he’s making trips to the hardware store or picking up groceries, he always prefers to have a clear, concise list of everything he needs to get. Personalize the To Do Collage Notepadwith photos of the family to keep him smiling as he stays organized..

Samsung Galaxy Case on Shutterfly.com

Samsung Galaxy Case

In today’s day and age, your husband takes his phone wherever he goes. Between the business calls or coordinating who’s picking up the kids from soccer practice, it’s probably the most important electronic in his life. Keep him protected with the Woodgrain Samsung Galaxy Case, which can be personalized with his nickname and a cool photo.

Puzzle on Shutterfly.com


One of your husband’s favorite activities for a rainy day is putting together a large jigsaw puzzle with good friends and family. This gift idea combines that pleasure with a kind gesture from the heart. When you pick out the Monogram Memories Puzzle, you can include seven photos that will come together like a masterpiece once all 252 pieces are in their rightful spots.

Photo Book on Shutterfly.com

Photo Book

Dig up some of the most endearing photos from your engagement to last year’s family reunion to include into a customized photo book for your husband. A great addition to a coffee table or the living room, this gift idea is a excellent piece for the home that will be a conversation starter for years to come.

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